About Us

We live in a digital world. A lot of things that we are used to got replaced by digitized goods. Do you remember when you got your first board game? It was one of the most pleasurable moments playing with your friends, right?. The puzzles were colorful and you spent a lot of time trying to put the pieces together. Today, it’s easy to download an app and enjoy the impressive graphics and mind-blowing story-line. However, whereisharriet.net is here to make board games great again.

For those who refuse to leave these memories behind, and are not into tapping into screens with loud video game noise, don’t worry because the classic board games and puzzles are still alive. You just need to look harder, and you will find what you are looking for.

Harriet Red is a board game enthusiast with over 500 pieces in his collection. He refused to be digitized and still believes that classic board games beat the latest fruit slashing games all day. To preserve a community of fellow board game enthusiasts and encourage young generations, he built this website to share informational articles with the help of his friends. They share the same passion for board games, and later on ventured into selling board games.

The website is now maintained by his team of writers, board game enthusiasts, and editors to provide its readers with high-quality articles that will make them play board games and puzzles again.