Adult Games: Are They Any Good?

Few can deny that the games industry is incredibly sexualized – just one look at the armor worn by female characters in Bluehole Studio’s TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) will show you that while everyone love video games in and of themselves, if there’s an element of sexuality attached, the title becomes a lot more popular! Hell, Reddit’s very own NSFW Cosplay community is currently sitting at almost 300,000 subscribers, and that’s not by accident: girls in video games have constantly sported lewd clothing and body shapes that leave us hooked to our screens and begging for more.

Let’s not forget that there are also some titles completely geared toward adult themes. Japanese studios seem to be leading the way in that respect, with titles such as Sexy Beach Zero and Honey Select. Hell, Wikipedia even has an entire list of erotic video games throughout history. So with all of this considered, it stands to reason that a game geared more toward sex would likely be popular and enjoyable, right?

One person who goes by the name of Mr. Porn Geek (MPG) seems to think so, which is why she’s spent a long time looking at the best sites on the Internet for pornographic titles in the gaming space. To date, there have been dozens of reviews on his platform and if you’re interested in what his views are when it comes to the best of the best, be sure to check out his adult games on MPG category – completely devoted to titles that have a seamless blend of pornography and gaming!

He seems to be something of an expert in this space, and has listed the go-to destinations if you’re looking to blend your love of games with your love of eroticism. We’ve actually written in the past on sex in video games, but we figured it’s probably best to leave the pursuit of reviewing these types of titles to the experts. From what we can tell, Mr. Porn Geek seems to really understand the industry and what gamers are looking for – I guess that’s just as well, since judging by his name, he’s also switched on in regard to all things adult!

Oh, and if you just want to know what he considers to be the best porn game out there right now, that would be Black Whores