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Bread and Butter Farm Jigsaw Puzzle


By: Charles Wysocki, Pieces: 1000, Size: 23″ x 26″. The finish is very nice on this brand…not too shiny but smooth. In the images below you can see the pattern cut and how well they interlock, flush and flat. The artwork speaks for itself being a Wysocki. His images are famous among Puzzlers.

18 Mini Butterflies Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: CraZart, Title: 18 Mini Butterflies Jigsaw Puzzle, Pieces: 500 ,Size: Individual puzzle sections. After the initial sort was completed I took each section and built the butterflies according to size, starting with the smallest of piles and working my way up to the largest piles. The puzzle pieces are quite random cut – some have very small pieces that could easily get lost so I was very mindful of that

Diary-Winter jigsaw puzzle


Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company, Title: Diary of an Edwardian Lady Jigsaw Puzzles – Winter, Pieces: 1000, Size: 19.25×26.625. Celebrating the Fours Seasons. I picked this series to review as I really do enjoy doing series for Groups of puzzles that are produced as a group and I also enjoy doing the four seasons. I certainly can appreciate the artwork involved with these puzzle images which are clear and crisp, especially the fine text. The outcome of these beautiful puzzles certainly gives you a real sense of accomplishment to share

Apple Pickings jigsaw puzzle

Brand: Lang Perfect Timing Inc Title: Apple Picking Artist: Mary Singleton Pieces: 500 Size: 18 x 24″. This Lang Brand has really good quality pieces with random cuts and a matte-type feel to the finish of the pieces. The image is good and clear. The artwork is very good in details – I like paintings that I cannot really see brush strokes. I really liked the rounded corners too which is not common with jigsaw puzzles. The image reminds me of the old country scenes in Southern Ontario Canada where the Mennonites supplied to the markets their fresh farm goods.

Red Chev jigsaw puzzle


Brand: Puzzlebug, Title: 1941 Red Chev Convertible, Pieces: 500, Size: 18.25 x 11″. The 1941 Red Chev Convertible jigsaw puzzle by Puzzlebugs is a line from Lafayette LTD based in the USA. Puzzlebugs can be located at the Dollar-type stores at a very low cost. The low cost comes with a ‘price’ for thinness in the box and board itself. However the images and price offset the low quality. They are very popular and do have fantastic images that are clear, colorful and very attractive