The Most Amazing Jigsaw Puzzles Solved

Riddles and puzzles always excite people. These are the triggers to their curiosity that make them focused towards the problems and also help them to develop problem-solving power. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most popular indoor games nowadays, but if you concentrate on the history of it, you will find that it was invented for educational purpose. In the 18th Century, John Spilsbury invented the earliest form of a jigsaw puzzle which was known as ‘Dissected Map’. It was pieces of woods on which he engraved the world map and sold for the teaching geography to kids.

Later, the jigsaw puzzle went through lots of changes and now we are in the era of digital jigsaw player. From the initial days till today, different types of jigsaw puzzle have won the heart of the players. Not only for the kids, there are different types of puzzles for the adults also. Based on the pieces of puzzles, the difficulty level of the game increases. For the kids, there are 50 pieces, 100 and 200 pieces puzzles are available. For the adults, the pieces of puzzles can be more than 500. So, today, you will get to know about different types of puzzles that will surely entice you. Read on to know more-

1. 2D Puzzle

This is the most common and popular type of jigsaw puzzle that is available at the market. Here, you will get a certain number of flat pieces which you need to connect to get the final 2D picture. There are different types of 2D puzzles, are available, like, too much difficult, glowing in the dark, educational, and so on. These are interlocking pieces which can be snapped together so that those pieces won’t fall apart. Often there are the pictures, displayed on the puzzle box to help you to solve the puzzles.

2.3D Puzzle

This type of puzzles is more difficult than the 2D puzzles, and here the players have to make the 3D replica of the given structure. The pieces of 3D puzzles are made of thick foam so that you can manipulate them easily and when you solve the puzzle, it can hold the final structure. 3D puzzles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Another interesting thing about the 3D puzzle is you don’t need much flat space to solve the puzzle. Just get a table and you can do it!

3.Hidden Image

If you want to increase the difficulty level of the jigsaw puzzle, you can go for this one. In this type of puzzle, the player has to complete the puzzle to find out the hidden image inside it. This puzzle is specifically for those who want to make gaming hours more interesting and want to continue it for a long time. Such puzzles are available in different types, so you can choose any of them. This hidden image puzzle can be a great game to keep the entire family engaged in finding out the hidden image. If you are planning for having family time this weekend, you can go for this.

4.Educational Jigsaw Puzzles

These are perfect for kids as well as adults. Instead of showing your kid pictures of animals, if you let them solve the animal-themed jigsaw puzzle, they will find it really interesting. Such jigsaw puzzles are available for kids as well as for adults too. These puzzles are based on different themes from which you can learn something.

5.Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are an avid puzzle lover, this type of jigsaw puzzle will fill you with fun. You can turn any of your favorite photographs into the puzzle. But, you have to wait a bit longer as it takes time to meet the requirements of each buyer. Make sure you choose a clear picture which can turn into puzzle easily and also you find it simple to put together. Such puzzles can be a great gift to someone on their special events, like graduation day, picture with their kids, marriage day, etc.

6.Murder Mystery Puzzles

Do you love to solve murder mysteries? Are you fond of a jigsaw puzzle? How about combining these two and present you with an amazing jigsaw puzzle? Yes, you can do so if you play murder mystery jigsaw puzzles with your friends. Here you will be given puzzle pieces that you have to combine without any help from any picture. Once you do that correctly, you need to read the booklet about the mystery to find a clue in the solved puzzles to find the evidence for making the last puzzle and solving the mystery.

7.Glow in Dark Puzzles

These are actually the regular puzzle but come with the amazing feature that the pieces glow in the dark. Children will love to solve this puzzle in the dark as the pieces will glow and interest them the most. The glowing feature depends on the quality of the puzzle pieces, so you should buy branded products to make your kid’s leisure full of fun and excitement.

8.Floor Puzzles

These are quite large, nearly four feet and they need enough space on the floor. Usually, such puzzles come with very large puzzle pieces so that kids can easily solve the game. Floor puzzles are mainly for kids so that they can complete the puzzle easily. Such puzzles are kept in the playschool to make kids learn things faster. As these puzzles require much space on the floor, these are not bought at home, preferably.

9.Photomosaic Puzzle

It may seem like a regular jigsaw puzzle, but if you concentrate more, you will find that these puzzles are made of the smallest puzzle pieces which are quite difficult to put together to get the final result. Such puzzles are also available in different themes.

So, here you get to know about various types of puzzles. Know for whom you are buying and get the right product. You can spend an amazing time with your friends and family while playing a jigsaw puzzle.